gisdnload: GNOME ISDN Load meter

gisdnload is an ISDN load meter for Linux running as a Gnome applet. It displays like xisdnload the load of your ISDN lines. The display supports autoranging and changes its background color depending on whether you are online or offline. The graph itself is implemented as a gtk widget and might be used seperately.


  • Displays load on ISDN line
  • Background color indicates wether online or offline
  • Statusline with infos about the current connection


gimon in gnome panel (Version 0.1.0)
gisdnload integrated into Gnome panel (Version 0.1.0)

Preferences Dialog (Version 0.1.0)
Preferences dialog (Version 0.1.0)


The most recent release of gisdnload is version 0.4.0pre1.

To compile this you'll need to have gnome installed.



  • List some statistics and history of phone calls

recent news

November 10, 1999 version 0.3.0 -- added statusline.
October 8, 1999 version 0.1.0 -- initial release.


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